Abusive Balloons – x14 Pack

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Abusive Balloons

So someone’s birthday is fast approaching, and you’ve decided it’s best to let EVERYONE know how old they actually turning.  We have the perfect solution with our packs of Abusive Balloons.  They’re just the right amount of abusive.

Each pack of our abusive balloons now contains x14 premium, high-quality large white balloons printed on both sides with 7 different mildly abusive messages guaranteed to have partygoers in hysterics.


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7 reviews for Abusive Balloons – x14 Pack

  1. Mikeleigh

    Very happy with these balloons.

    The box says there are seven different sentences written on the balloons so I assumed that there were 7 balloons in the packet, but there is actually 14 (two of each phrase), which is good value for money I think. They are good quality balloons too, thick and none of them had a hole in and none popped. They all blew up fine (though I used a balloon pump). They stayed up for a 10 days before starting to deflate.

    I got them for my brothers 25th birthday and he absolutely loved them. Everyone who saw them laughed too and immediately started reading them all and they got a lot of compliments and questions about where I got them. They would be good for any birthday celebrations and are suitable for family gathering as they don’t have swearing on them and are not potentially offensive like some other abusive balloon’s, these are just genuinely funny phrases suitable for everyone.

    I’d happily buy these again.

  2. AmazonUser

    Hilarious balloons. Bought these for my mums birthday party and everyone had a good laugh at them all. Great quality and are still a good size after about 3 weeks. Arrived quickly and great fun for a party if they birthday person is up for a laugh!

  3. AmazonUser

    So funny; can be used for make/female. Delivered promptly and great value

  4. AmazonUser

    Great item & Value. Highly Recommend it. Thank you!

  5. AmazonUser

    Durable and easy to fill up.

  6. AmazonUser

    Quick delivery, good product

  7. AmazonUser

    Funny balloons – got people talking and laughing

    Good quality and good fun

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